Spotsylvania Greenways Initiative Update
(Spotsylvania County, Virginia)

Spotsylvania Greenways Initiative (SGI) made remarkable strides in 2009 as they blossomed from an idea into a full-fledged community organization with major initiatives beginning to be implemented.  They also benefited from a MillionMile Greenway Community Starter Grant in 2009.

Spotsylvania County, Virginia is located just south of Washington, DC near Fredericksburg and Richmond and other high-growth communities.  Yet the county still has a unique mix of pristine natural areas and nationally renowned historic resources adjacent to dense neighborhoods and commercial districts.

Trails are planned to connect four major Civil War national battlefields, managed by the National Park Service – Spotsylvania, Wilderness, Chancellorsville and Fredericksburg.

With the help of MMG and a forward-thinking developer interested in building a lasting legacy, Luck Development Partners (LDP), SGI is partnering with county, state and regional officials to create a long-term plan to eventually connect communities and all four Civil War battlefield parks. This system will also become a component of the East Coast Greenway — connecting communities from Maine to Florida along the Atlantic coastline.

SGI is now building a demonstration trail in a wooded area along the Ni River through property owned by LDP.  Educational signs will be installed to highlight sensitive natural areas, plants and trees. Other nearby property owners are now supporting the idea of connecting to the trail.