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What exactly will the grant funds pay for? Describe your group’s timetable and its work in the next 12 to 24 months. Use 250 words max.*


Will the project also promote the conservation of cultural resources such as archaeological sites, cemeteries and historic properties? Use 250 words max.*


Describe the types of recreational opportunities your initiative will provide. Use 250 words max. *


Describe how your initiative will connect neighborhoods and larger communities to each other, to nearby natural areas and to cultural resources. Use 250 words max.*

If awarded an MMG Community Grant:

I agree to use the funds for the initiative outlined in this application. I understand that if I fail to use the funds on the initiative outlined above in the 12 months following the date the grant was awarded to me, I will forfeit remaining funds and return those funds to MillionMile Greenway.
I agree to provide a final report on the progress of my initiative at the end of 12 months following the date the grant was awarded to me. If I fail to provide the requested report by the agreed upon deadline, I understand that I am jeopardizing the grant funds that were awarded to me and I may be asked to return remaining funds.