MillionMile Greenway offers Community Starter Grants to assist young organizations in identifying, building and conserving greenways and trail projects.

An MMG Community Starter Grant includes a cash award as well as donated marketing and geospatial consulting services, with a combined total value of $11,500 in three components:

A $1,500 cash award for building your initiative

  1. Marketing and public relations consulting services provided by MMG professional volunteers valued at $5,000 – about 50 hours
  2. Geospatial consulting services provided by MMG professional volunteers valued at $5,000 – about 50 hours

With information you provide from your local Geographic Systems Information (GIS) mapping specialists, MMG’s volunteer GIS experts will develop digital maps and use the most current mapping technology to analyze potential greenway corridors best suited for new trails.


 To be considered for a grant, you must be affiliated with a formally organized effort committed to creating trails and greenways that connect neighborhoods and larger communities to each other, to nearby natural areas, to recreation and eventually to greenspace everywhere.

You must also obtain, or show that you already have in hand, $1,500 in matching funds from individuals, local businesses, foundations, government entities or other organizations to be eligible.  We want to ensure your initiative is committed to the long-term effort and has already received some level of support within your community.

A letter from your bank verifying your organization has at least $1,500 of matching funds in your bank account must be submitted to MMG.

Community Starter Grants applications are reviewed several times during the year by the MillionMile Greenway board of directors.

If your grant is awarded, you will receive $1,000 from MillionMile Greenway at that time.

Six to twelve months after awarding the grant, we request a simple progress report that includes photos and, if possible, some video.  After your photos and videos are received by the MMG board, the remaining $500 will be sent to your organization.