City of Dunwoody receives technical grant to map future trails
(Dunwoody, Georgia)

MillionMile Greenway awarded the city of Dunwoody a Community Technical Grant to assist with planning greenways and trails city-wide.

The grant includes expertise in customized Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping, a $4,000 value that will help Dunwoody determine the best routes for future trails, linking places people want to go – on foot and on bikes.

“The city is creating a comprehensive park and recreational master plan,” according to MMG volunteer Ryan Jenkins.

There are essentially two options for the city of Dunwoody, or any city or group receiving MMG’s Technical Grant, to enhance and expand green spaces and trails.

The first is a site-specific conceptual design. This model creates individually defined areas in a community. It may include facilities like restrooms, parking, information kiosks and identifying the best places for new trails.  Completion can be expected within two or three years.

The second, a longer-term option, is a community-wide comprehensive plan. Future trails would connect neighborhoods, parks and schools to other neighborhoods, parks and schools throughout the region.  While this phase could take two to three decades to implement, the benefits, such as increased opportunities for healthy alternatives to driving and increased property values and tax revenues, are well worth the effort.